Looper (python)

This module was created after getting sick of the limited functionality of burp intruder. It allows for the iteration of complex datasets in order to allow for wide coverage.

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FATpy (python)

The FATpy module is simply a python implementation of the FAT filesystem. It was created to aid in analyzing firmware. It currently supports FAT16, but it is written such that it would be east to extend to FAT12 or FAT32

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Cellphone Baseband Research (IDAPython)

One area of security research I find myself drawn to is the cellphone baseband. Cellphones have an every increasing importance in our lives, and are growing in acceptance as a "trusted" device, even by many security professionals. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that behind the ever-increasingly audited AndroidOS and iOS, there lies the baseband OS and processor, frequently running a realtime microkernel such as OKL4/Pistachio. This avenue of research aims to collect and publicize information on the baseband, as well as to lower the barrier of entry by making make these tools available to Security Professionals, increasing visibility of the issue.

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Code Auditing/Static Analysis (C++)

A problem which I have encounted previously when auditing large codebases is the use of a insecure library. Many static analysis engines fail in this situation, since they have no prior knowledge of the library, or under which interactions it fails. This library would allow an auditor to quickly narrow down edge cases.

Video::FFmpeg (perl)

This is a perl module I wrote many years ago. It was made to retrieve video properties using libavformat such as: height width codec fps

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